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Why crypto whales call this an interesting crypto investment

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The crypto market is having a hard time. Although bitcoin price recovered somewhat last week and has currently reclaimed the $16,000 support, the market continues to be weighed down by panic and negative crypto news following the collapse of exchange FTX.

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Best Crypto Investment during a Crypto Crash

This is how you can Invest Successfully in a Bear Market. It is a well-known saying in the crypto world: “Millonaires are being made during the bear market”. When the value of crypto and shares falls, panic arises in the market, but it is precisely then that the opportunities arise for investments that are life-changing later on.

Smart traders approach this as follows. They first conduct extensive research on companies and projects to identify which are fundamentally strongest and will therefore survive the adverse conditions of the bear market.

Then they do not wait passively, but actively start investing on a regular basis in the shares or tokens of these strong companies. They are not deterred by the possibility that the price and therefore value of their investment may fall even further during the first period.

Instead, as an investor, you keep increasing your stake regularly and buying more trading products. Called dollar cost averaging, this tactic allows investors to lower their average cost per token or share of a company they trust.

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The well-known S&P index then fell by 50% in value, and therefore had to rise more than 100% to reach its old level. This was achieved within 3.5 years, and those who had invested firmly according to the principles of DCA almost doubled their money (and much more later during the bull market).

The S&P Index over the past decades in 2008 the index fell sharply in a short time, only to rise at an even higher rate

Why Investors View Dash 2 Trade as the Best Crypto Investment During the Crypto Crash

Dash 2 Trade is currently hosting a crypto presale. More than $7.75 million in capital has been raised in the past 7 weeks. This means that the presale is already almost 90% sold out.

Dash 2 Trade is a new crypto platform that will offer users different forms of analysis and crypto signals. They do this on the basis of social analyzes and on-chain data, technical indicators and historical results. The trading advice they can give as a result is the way to optimize your results as an investor. As a Dash 2 Trade user, you will soon have access to various benefits, including the best current information about:

Crypto Presales

Crypto Trading Signals

On-chain Analytics and info on social sentiment

Free Trading Academy with D2T tokens as a reward

Create and test your own trading strategy

Social Trading based on popular technical indicators

Dash 2 Trade charts which existing and new crypto coins are performing well, and which may fall or rise. Users of this crypto platform can then respond to this. This can be done with their own strategy, or a strategy that they draw up on the basis of the strategy builder of the crypto platform.

Dash 2 Trade’s strategy builder and tester

Dash 2 Trade also provides risk scores and ratings to presales and new crypto coins. This way you can always be one of the first to make the best crypto investment.

Dash 2 Trade Presale Almost Sold Out – Investing Still Possible

Crypto presales can be fun during a crypto crash. These tokens have no history yet because they are brand new. As an investor you can get in cheaply and benefit from a project that is in its infancy. Of course there are also huge risks involved. Do proper research and be aware of the drawbacks associated with new crypto projects.

The Dash 2 Trade presale will run in stages. Phase 3 is now underway, in which the D2T token is available at a fixed price of 0.0513 USDT. The presale is now 88.84% sold out, leaving not much time to get in at this favorable price.