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 You are looking for a training that gives you the necessary skills for the perfect step into the business world.

You are fascinated by this world in which the new digital economy and personal advice play an important role.
We train you to become a generalist professional, strong in analytical thinking and with insight into everything that happens in daily business.
The toppers of the future have excellent digital, data management, project management and consultancy skills. So we make this work together with you!
During your education you will develop into an enterprising and innovative thinking professional, because your entrepreneurship skills get all the focus.
Communicating fluently in all languages, with English in the leading role, getting acquainted with new trends and new working methods, and doing an internship at home or abroad: it’s all on the program.
There is currently a ‘war for talent’ on the labor market for these highly coveted profiles who are at home in all markets. An exciting career awaits you after your studies.
Do you still want to continue your studies after your bachelor’s degree? This diploma offers you the perfect preparation for obtaining your master’s degree via a transition year.
Do you prefer complete studies in English?




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If you sell your car to a dealer, they will take care of the practical side. But if you want to sell it privately, you have to arrange a lot yourself. Here’s what you need to know!

Draft sales agreements

It is best to make two copies, one for each side. The sales agreement contains the names and addresses of both parties, a description of the car (make, type, mileage, fuel, colour…) and the date it was first used.

No VAT required

To sell your car as a private individual, you do not have to charge VAT to other private individuals.

Inspect the car before sale

Schedule a vehicle inspection at the technical inspection presale. Note: The test certificate is only valid for two months. This means that you must sell or relist the car during this period. If you agree to the inspection by the buyer, please specify in the contract “Technical inspection shall be borne by the buyer”. During the technical inspection you will also receive a used report and a car pass.

Warranty is impossible

As a private individual, you cannot give a guarantee on your car like a dealer can. It is a good idea to include the following statement on the contract: “Purchased on condition that the car is known and inspected by the buyer”.


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