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Van Lennep Kliniek (cosmetic clinic for skin improvement)

Now who doesn’t have any anti-ageing creams in the house? But most creams that you buy at the pharmacy don’t have any added value. Do you really want to improve your skin? Then go to a specialised clinic and ask for sound advice. Each and every skin type needs to be treated differently. A cosmetic doctor or skin therapist will thoroughly examine the skin and, if so wished, make a skin analysis to have a look at the underlying lower skin layers. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid

is our body’s own substance that keeps the skin supple and soft. Unfortunately, this acid diminishes as we get older. Our body simply produces less of it as our life progresses. The result is that we get smile and frown wrinkles, for example around our eyes or on our forehead. And our skin is less elastic than when we were young. A treatment consisting of hyaluronic acid filler gives the skin a youthful glow again. Wrinkles fade away, resulting in a long-term, though not permanent, effect. A hyaluronic acid treatment is absolutely safe, 100% skin-friendly and completely reliable. Would you like to know what the best solution is for you? Come in or call us to make an appointment where we can get to know you and you can find out all you want to know about the treatment. We look forward to hearing from you!

Full lips at last

Do you have narrow or uneven lips and do you find that annoying? Then consider a lip filler treatment. We can fill up lips in a subtle and natural way by only a few small injections. Ludy Holst is a specialist in this field. She is a cosmetic doctor at Van Lennep Kliniek (cosmetic clinic for skin improvement), which has branches in Oegstgeest and The Hague. Ludy ensures that the treatment is painless and that you leave the clinic radiating a healthy glow. Filling lips is temporary, cosmetic surgery that makes your lips look healthy and natural. The result will be visible for a period ranging from nine months to a year.

Are you interested in a cosmetic or skin improving treatment ? Come and see us in the clinic or make an appointment. You can call at: 070-737 00 88 or send us an email.