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Safety instructions to keep in mind

Now in holiday times many people are worried about the safety of their house when they are not home. We at Locksecure.nl have gathered some advises below what to think about in order to keep the house safe and secured: 

Always change lock before moving into a new home. You never know how many key copies can be in operation.
Do not store any keys near the door. This applies both indoors and outdoors.
Make sure that the keys you carry are not deducted from your home.

Windows and patio doors
In recent years, windows and window doors have sailed up as one of the most common access roads for burglaries, villas and ground level apartments.
Windows that are closer to the ground or other floor plan, such as roofs over the entrance, etc., than 4 meters should be reviewed in burglary viewpoints.

Install approved locks on all windows reached from the ground (four meters from the ground) or where the thief can work without the risk of detection.

Electromechanical lock / code lock where you lock the door using one or more preprogrammed codes of your choice currently available on the market for sale, but there are no products approved for locking windows.
If you have many windows or if you have windows that you rarely open, you can re-screw them with a one-way screw.
Provide windows that must be opened with certified / certified window locks, alternatively with locking eyelets and padlock in hinge lock 1. Replace unlockable spaniel handle against lockable. If you have wooden windows of some older construction, make sure that the box can not be lifted after removing the external lists. Screw the lists.

Burglar alarms are generally detrimental to the person who intends to break in and calls for attention from the surrounding area. But it does not complicate the burglary itself, which means you can not overlook a functional mechanical protection (eg lock to window and door).

A good area protection makes it more difficult for the thief to get useless into a holiday home area. Roadbikes and fenced in, for example, bridges are good protective measures, but keep in mind that the right of access is valid. You can not put bars and gates anywhere.
Dragged blinds and shredded flowers shine that no one is at home.
Likewise, with shutters, they prevent transparency and make burglary more difficult in the vacation home, but can of course also indicate that you are not there.

Never hide keys near the house. The thief knows where to look.
Keep gardening tools, such as shovel and ladders, indoors or in locked stores so that the thief can not use them to, for example, crush your neighbor’s windows.
Be sure to lock your vacation home as you lock your permanent residence.
Do not store any valuables in the house when you are not there.

Visit locksecure.nl for more information regarding locks and safety.