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Path of Exile (POE): Loot for beginners

Path of Exile, also known by the fans as POE, is not just a Diablo clone as some people might claim. This game is mainly focussed on looting. Although the game gives millions of possibilities to customize your character, but the endgame is always about looting. Loot gives you more options than you can imagine in POE. It’s also a good tool to have if you want to focus on POE trade to gain a lot of POE currency.

Currency in Path of Exile

There is no base currency in the game, unlike other games. In other games you gain something like 204 gold when you killed a mob. POE has a more unique system when it comes to loot and looting. The lowest level of currency in the game is called Scroll of Wisdom. You can find these scrolls literally everywhere you go. These scrolls are worth next to nothing and most of the time nobody trades these scrolls. You really want to focus on the more expensive and rare gear, items and scrolls in the game. You can trade these rare currency or you can use them to modify your character. Also check out League of legends help

Unique items

Unique items work in a similar fashion. In Path of Exile, you don’t farm looking for Uniques or Exalted Orbs. You farm a map that has consistent returns of either money or experience. When one of these really good items drop, it’s a pleasant surprise. You weren’t expecting or banking on it, and you’ve suddenly got quite a bit richer. This ‘treasure hunting’ mentality is what keeps me coming back to Path of Exile. I’m always hoping I’ll find the next Exalted Orb or snag a Unique drop.

POE trade

The loot system can be a bit overwhelming for new players, but it is really easy and most of all: very rewarding. You can start trading in POE fast and you will gain a lot of POE currency. You can also choose to buy these currency if you want to get a head start in the game. If you want the best service and lowest prices, do your research well.