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Change your colors

Have you ever wondered how our old boots would’ve looked like if they had a different colour? How about that old couch that you’ve had since you moved out? Would be neat to know right? Too bad you’ll never be able to find out. Wrong. You’re perfectly capable of changing the colour, you just didn’t know it yet!  Changing the colour of your couch might not be the most popular way to spent a free afternoon, but think about the way that it can affect your living situation. Instead of a plane boring room with ordinary colours you can now have a plane boring room, but with an extraordinary couch!

angelus paint. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’d definitely recommend you visit our site to figure out what it is yourself. If you don’t feel like doing that I’ll explain it to you briefly.

Angelus leather paint is a paint specially designed for leather. It’s unique flexible texture ensures that the paint stays on the fabric at all times without being damaged. It’s also scratch proof so no need to worry about the kids playing on or around it.

Prefer dyeing over painting? No problem at all because angelus also offers specialsuede shoe dye. However, there are some extra steps which need to be taken when using dye. These extra steps can be found on our web page where each step is explained piece by piece to ensure that nothing can go wrong (if you follow the steps of course)

leatherpaint.co.uk offers more than 150 colors, so it’s extremely likely that we have your preferred color of choice. we at leatherpaint ensure that top quality paint for bottom prizes. And if it’s advice you seek, our professionals are more than happu to answer every question you have. just  contact us through mail, phone calls or visit our FAQ page on our website