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Solar PV panels used to heat up your UK house

The rise in popularity of solar panels in the UK

Solar energy is rapidly gaining popularity due to the significant price decreases in solar panels, government subsidies and an increasing environmental awareness. In 2014 alone solar power output almost doubled compared to 2013 with almost 5 GW of solar photovoltaic panels installed. That was enough to supply 1.5 homes with electricity.

Last year alone over 700.000 homes had solar panels installed. With panels becoming ever more increasingly effective, more and more power is generated through solar energy. By January 2017 nearly 12 megawatts capacity of solar PV panels had been installed. This ranks UK 6th worldwide in terms of total installed capacity.

Solar power in the year 2020

The British government expects at least 22 Megawatt to be generated by solar PV panels by the year 2020. The solar trade organization expects that number to be around 25 Megawatt. Potentially up to 40% of the UK’s total electricity can be generated with solar power in 2020. Experts say that in that year up to 10 million homes could rely on solar power.

How can you use your solar power to the fullest?  

Instead of selling surplus electricity back to your electricity company you could use it yourself. Have you ever considered installing an electric central heating boiler to use electricity to heat your house?

The benefits of an electric system boiler are:

·   Use power generated by the sun to supply your electric system boiler

·   You will no longer require gas, so you can save significantly on your utility bill

·   No more risk of explosion from escaping gas

·   Zero chance of carbon monoxide poisoning

·   Low maintenance. No more yearly maintenance

·   No flue gas vent required

To underline the quality, in the 4 years that we have sold Elterm electric central heating boiler we have never had any returns or reports of malfunctioning of a single boiler. Please look for Elterm electric system boilers on our webpage.