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Reduce your energy bill by installing an energy-efficient ECO water heater

With the cost of energy ever-increasing people are purchasing more and more energy-efficient household appliances. If you are looking to economize then an eco boiler is a good way to reduce your utility bill. Moreover, you can also contribute by being more environmentally conscious with an energy-efficient electric water heater.

The highly insulated electric ECO water heater stays warmer for much longer. A smart eco controller diminishes the electrical losses significantly. It als monitors the temperature constantly and only warms up when needed. Consult the eco water heater page for the entire collection.

We now stock three brands with eco boilers; Ariston, Wesen and Lemet. Lemet offers the Ecoway series.

In brief here are the benefits:

  • A self-programming function that gauges your hot water use during 2-3 weeks. It then sets a program tailored to your requirements

  • An ECO function that diminishes electrical leakage drastically leading to reduced energy usage

Ariston has:

  • Self-learning ECO EVO function that paired with the intelligent thermostat significantly economizes on energy consumption. Only warming the tanks for when you normally use hot water in the number of litres you normally use up.   

 Wesen has two series. Both being energy-friendly. Here are the specifics for a Wesen electric boiler:

  • ECO Controller that has an intelligent thermostat. This accurately sets the temperature and monitors the temperature only warming up when it needs to. An energy-friendly method of warming your electric water heater

  • PUR insulation foam that preserves the water temperature better than ever before

 In two months from now we will feature a new serie of electric water heaters on our site. The Wesen enamel steel water heater range. An energy-friendly, flat and attractively designed unit that has energy class B.   

If you are environmentally conscious and would like to save money on energy buy an electric ECO water heater online