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Do you want to export cars from USA?

Are you interested in import or export car shipping? fees and customs checks need to be dealt with. And this is all besides the actual shipping of the cars themselves. Therefore, it might be wise to consider a partnership with reliable car shippers that operate on a global level. One of such companies is Marlog Car Handling. With decades of experience and trustworthy agents all over the world and in all major ports, Marlog Car Handling will make sure your car, or cars, are exported in the safest way possible. Because getting your vehicle across in one piece and without scratches or dings, that’s what it’s all about.

Reliable car shippers can help you navigate when you want to export cars from the USA

If you want to export cars from USA, please visit Marlog Car Handling. Either for business purposes, or because you are a fan of American cars in general. Either way, exporting cars from one continent to another is no easy task. So how about some help from highly experienced, international car shippers with a burning passion for great American cars. Not just cars by the way. You can also hire the services of Marlog Car Handling if you are looking to import or export boats and motorbikes. Whatever the vehicle, we guarantee a safe passage, and to make you an even better deal, we will also handle the paperwork. All you have to do is pick up the keys!

Car shippers can assist you with importing and exporting cars, motorbikes and boats

When you’re interested in export cars from USA, you expect excellent service in the importing and exporting of cars, motorbikes and boats. This service is provided to customers all over the world. With service, we don’t just mean the safe transport of your vehicles, but also the paperwork that needs to be filled out at ports and during customs checks. The goal is to make importing and exporting as easy as possible for you as a client. So, are you looking to export cars from the USA, Europe, or anywhere else in the world? Do let us know!

Export cars from USA was never this easy as with the help of professional car shippers

Whenever you want to export cars, you may expect great customer service at Marlog Car Handling. Owning a car is an emotional matter to a lot of people. It is therefore not surprising that people want to go to great lengths in order to take their car with them when they move abroad. At Marlog Car handling, we can relate to this love of cars since we have been in the business as car shippers for many years now. So if you are looking to export cars from the USA to your current residence, we’d be more than happy to help you out with the paperwork and the actual transport itself. Your car is guaranteed to arrive at your new home without a single scratch!

Born in the USA, and now looking to export cars from the USA to Europe?

The attractiveness of American cars is mostly how big, fast and muscled they are. Nowadays, you can buy American cars in Europe, while Europe is home to a lot of expats from the United States of America. And while many car manufacturers are based in Europe, some of these expats are very attached to their America-made cars. Car brands that are unfortunately not present in Europe. Therefore, a lot of US-born expats are looking for car shippers that can help them import their trusted American steed to their new residence in Europe. Marlog Car Handling is a Netherlands-based car shipper that can help you export cars from the USA and import them into the European Union. Remember, it’s not just a car, it’s a little piece of home.

Looking to export cars from the USA? Looks like you need a hand!

Do you want to receive help when you want to import cars to Europe? Sensible, since this is not a simple task. Exporting cars from the USA demands a strict procedure. Import fees and customs checks need to be dealt with. And this is all besides the actual shipping of the cars themselves. Therefore, it might be wise to consider a partnership with reliable car shippers that operate on a global level. One of such companies is Marlog Car Handling. With decades of experience and trustworthy agents all over the world and in all major ports, Marlog Car Handling will make sure your car, or cars, are exported in the safest way possible. Because getting your vehicle across in one piece and without scratches or dings, that’s what it’s all about.

The many advantages of the wave radar

Do you want to improve efficiency and safety? That is possible! With a wave height radar, like WaveGuid Height & Tide, your company is provided with real time data. Once you’ve purchased this radar, you will profit from the many benefits; no more maintenance, a radar that’s suitable for all weather conditions, a low power consumption device and explosion proof certified. These are a few examples of the benefits the radar will give you. The radar can be used on offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind parks and platforms, harbours and coasts and as an input to Met-Ocean systems. Radac provides two types of products; the WaveGuide Height & Tide and the WaveGuide Height & Tide Ex certified. 

Use a wave radar for the offshore wind industry

Working in the offshore wind industry, you might find it useful to have up-to-date information on everything that is happening around you. You probably know that accurate and real-time wave and tide data are of immense importance during operations. Weather is a major risk factor during offshore cases. Therefore, the right knowledge of the weather conditions will give your staff the necessary information about which operations can be performed safely. Also, real-time wave monitoring provides essential information for vessels during offshore operations. If you purchase a wave radar from Radac, you get the necessary information a wave radar needs to provide in order to work in a safe environment. The wave and tides data will increase operational efficiency, safer jacking operations, personal transfers and safe access to turbine platforms from service vessels.

A sensor to complement the wave radar on board of a vessel

When you want to purchase a reliable wave radar for your vessel? Then you might want to visit a specialist. The WaveGuide Onboard might be the solution for your business! The WaveGuide Onboard consists of a sensor and its own server. The sensor is situated on the bow of the ship. The WaveGuide Onboard collects, synchronizes and compensates the data. The sensor comes in an excellent price/performance ratio. Also, it basically has no maintenance, is easy to install and explosion proof certified. Therefore, this wave radar, developed and manufactured by Radac, is suitable for all weather conditions. 


Online mastering service with competitive rates

When you’re looking for a professional in online mastering, you want high quality. But do you only have access to a small budget? That is absolutely no problem, because at Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering, professional in online mastering, you will receive high quality mixing and mastering for a reasonable price. In this way, every band or artist has access to the best methods in producing music. The specialist offers a high-quality, fast and affordable service with the mastering tools they have developed themselves, for competitive rates starting at 45 euros. With this, you can start mastering tracks yourself. Online mixing and mastering has never been this easy!

Multitrack mixing and mastering: optimize your music

Do you know an easy and good way to optimize your own music? Arjan Rietvink Online Marketing offers mixing and mastering services. Then start using the services of a specialist in online mixing and mastering. This specialist helps you for example with multitrack mixing and mastering: the most advanced way of mastering. With multitrack mixing and mastering, each element can be changed separately, which gives endless possibilities in optimizing music. In this way, the most optimal results will be created. Are you wondering if your music can benefit from the help of an online mastering specialist? Then you can always contact the specialist for advice. Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering is a specialist in this business for many years now.

Online mastering by a company with years of experience

Do you want to hire a professional in mixing and mastering services? It is sensible to hire a company with years of experience in online mixing and mastering. For that, you can choose a partner like Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering. This mastering studio started twenty years ago and has since then worked with DJ’s and producers like Nicky Romero, Armin van Buren and Yellow Claw. A specialist can help you master tracks for CD’s and online releases. It does not matter which style of music you make: the professional has built up experience in online mixing and mastering of various styles of music with various artists.

This lifesaving equipment is mandatory for your daily operations

When working or even living on the open ocean, lifesaving equipment is essential. On the ocean, you should be able to deal with storms and a harsh environment. Those are the reasons behind countless accidents that have claimed the lives of many sailors. In order to reduce these accidents, or at least give a crewmember a fighting chance, SOLAS was founded, back in 1914. SOLAS stands for Safety of Life at Sea, and it consists out of a set of rules and regulation that is applicable to all ships, oil platforms and even custom works boats. SOLAS obligates ships, for instance, to carry rescue boats. Euro Offshore BV is a company that is specialized in all of the lifesaving equipment that your ship is required to carry. Also when it comes to repairing lifesaving equipment, Euro Offshore BV is the partner you are looking for.

Custom works boats that fit the needs of your business

The offshore market has countless of different companies. As a result, the needs of those companies may vary a lot. This is especially the case when it comes to boats and high quality vessels in their fleet. It is therefore possible to order a custom works boat form Dutch manufacturer Euro Offshore BV. With over two decades of experience in building work boats and lifesaving equipment, they have both the capacity and the skills to build a proper work boat that will fit your needs and the needs of your company. All custom build, state of the art work boats are in compliance with the latest rules and regulations for offshore vessels. This manufacturer is also capable of distributing custom build works boats virtually anywhere in the world.

Order custom made work boats from a supplier thatdistributes worldwide

Is your marine company growing? Then it’s time to increase the size of your fleet. Whether you want to order custom works boats or standard boat, make sure to choose a company that distributes its vessels all over the world. Not only in regards to the convenience this offers you, but also because a company that distributes lifesaving equipment and work boats worldwide has a certain reputation to uphold. When it comes to investments such as these, don’t hesitate to inquire about customer satisfaction by requesting references. This will help you make the right decision and choose the company that puts your safety, and the safety of all other employees, at the top of their priority list.


Europiren B.V.: magnesium hydroxide for flame retardant materials and products

Europiren B.V. is one of the largest companies that helps producing magnesium hydroxide for flame retardant materials and products. By using the services of a large company such as Europiren, you can use several benefits. Most materials used for making flame retardant materials, magnesium hydroxide for instance, originate from its own production line. As a customer, this means that you will always pay the best price since the company doesn’t have to buy its recourses from a third party. Another advantage is that Europiren is located in the port of Rotterdam. A location from which it is easy to ship out materials to companies all over the world. You can order your magnesium hydroxide coated, flame retardant materials from anywhere in the world!

Magnesium hydroxide is used as a flame retardant coating for PVC, TPO and Bitumen

When is it sensible to use magnesium hydroxide as a flame retardant coating for materials and products? In all industries, actually. If not, and if you are looking for ways of fireproofing your building, project or electrical wiring, it might be a good idea to contact a specialist in this field such as Europiren. From its location in the port of Rotterdam, Europiren is capable of transporting flame retardant materials such as PVC, Bitumen and TPO to customers across the globe. Magnesium hydroxide is also very useful for the production of flame retardant cables and wires. Prevent unnecessary accidents and order your flame retardant materials today at Europiren!

Flame retardant materials made with magnesium hydroxide from a company with a low carbon footprint

When we want to keep our world safe, we have to take account of the environment. What are the consequences of our actions? More and more countries and individual people alike, start to realize that our carbon footprint needs to be greatly reduced in order to guarantee a better tomorrow for future generations. Even the industrial sector is starting to take steps that reduce the strain they put on the environment. So if you’re looking for a company that can provide you with magnesium hydroxide, flame retardant materials, make sure you choose a company that pursues this goal as well. A company like Europiren perhaps. This international chemical company uses as little energy as possible, and is constantly striving to further reduce its carbon footprint.

Coffee Drinks 101: A breakdown of the most popular coffee drinks

Some people out there might be happy to simply brew a cup of coffee and drink it up. Others, however, love to explore the many different possibilities and enjoy their coffee in many ways, shapes and forms. If you are a bit confused by all the definitions and don’t want to be left staring at a coffee shop’s menu not sure about what to order, this article is for you. Read on for the ultimate coffee drink guide and never hesitate in front of your barista again!

Try them all and start with some great coffee from your Tassimo Bosch coffee machine.


A coffee shot brewed with an espresso machine. Known for its decisive, creamy flavor and strength.


A double espresso shot.


An espresso shot brewed with less water to maximize strength and thickness


This is an espresso shot topped with a dash of foamed milk. This has a stronger taste than a cappuccino, but more texture than a regular espresso. The name of this drink literally means “stained” in Italian, referring to the milk staining the surface of the coffee.


an espresso shot brewed with more water to decrease strength.


Cappuccino is made with espresso, hot milk and a frothy steamed milk foam on top. Unlike a latte, a cappuccino uses less steamed milk and it has a stronger coffee taste. The word “cappuccino” actually means “little hood” in Italian, referring to the actual foam hood covering the coffee drink.

Cafe au lait

A popular French take on a latte. In most countries, this is just a synonym for a latte, but in the USA, Cafe Au Lait generally identifies a strong coffee mixed with scalded milk.

Flat White

Flat White coffee drinks are very popular in New Zealand and Australia, where the beverage originated. Essentially, this is an espresso with coffee and milk in equal proportions, often made with 2 shots of espresso and steamed, non-frothy milk to top it off.


A latte is a drink made with espresso and milk, with a generally higher ratio of milk.


Americano is a single or double espresso shot with hot or iced water. This drink likely originated in Italy during the second world war. American soldiers stationed in the country were not accustomed to drinking straight-up espresso shots, preferring the drip coffee style common in the US at the time.

Italian baristas started adding hot water to espresso shot to mimic the feel of drip coffee. However, the strength of an Americano can be determined by the amount of water poured in the coffee.

Long Black

A Long Black is essentially an Americano, but with a few tweaks to its preparation.

Regular Americano is generally prepared by pouring hot water in espresso. On the other hand, Long Blacks are generally prepared by adding the water first and then pouring the espresso shot on the water. This makes for a foamier top and a creamier consistency. The Long Black is particularly popular in Australia, where a stronger version with less water, known as “Short Black” is often served.


A cortado is a blend of espresso and milk in equal doses. This allows for a thicker drink and reduces the acid taste of coffee. This drink is not normally enjoyed with a foamy froth (like a cappuccino) and it is very popular throughout Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries.

Dirty Chai

A “dirty chai” is essentially a chai latte with one or two espresso shot in it. This drink is known for its complex flavor palette, often very sweet and spicy.

Natural firelighters for the stove, barbecue and fireplace

Ecological firelighters at Fire-Up International are useful in different situations, mainly because they are safely in use, reliable and environmental friendly. At Fire-Up International, these natural firelighters and other fire related products are especially made for the stove, barbecue and fireplace. Because they are made from 100% renewable biological materials, they cause no chemical reactions during the combustion process. They are not harmful if stored near foods, they burn for up to 20 minutes, they never dry out and they are odourless. Therefore, they are the best option when you are asking yourself which firelighters to use best. Still not completely convinced? The natural firelighters made by the specialist are also very easy to use and they consist of extremely good quality, due to the extensive experience of the producer.

The production of natural firelighters

If you are about to use fire related products, like natural firelighters, then you might want to know the production process. The natural firelighters by Fire-Up International are made from 100% renewable biological materials by a strong and skilled team that has an experience in this field of over 30 years. Innovation is key, so new production methods and new materials are always respected. Because of this, the firelighters are safe, environmental friendly and reliable. They are available in a wide range of sizes and packages. Therefore, you can always order the exact amount of firelighters you need.

Natural firelighters: improving safety

Why would u use natural firelighters by a specialist? The mains are the environment and safety reasons. Buying natural firelighters at the specialist means taking account of the environment, because of the fact that these firelighters are CO2 neutral. But of course you mainly choose for natural firelighters because they improve safety. Firelighters made by the specialist cause no chemical reactions during the combustion process because they are made from 100% renewable biological materials. Therefore they are non-explosive! Also, these firelighters ignite smoothly and have no ADR. Fire can be dangerous. Do you want to light up a stove, barbecue, fireplace or open fire in a safe way? Use natural firelighters made by a specialist like Fire-Up International.

Complete electrical solutions for shipbuilding and maritime technology

Brand-independent solutions and experienced engineers for complete system integration: Bakker Sliedrecht has been the lead player in the electrical installations field within maritime engineering for more than 90 years. Reliable tailor-made solutions that ensure the optimal lifetime of all your electrical systems and automation systems. With broad expertise, extensive service and custom solutions, Bakker Sliedrecht knows how to apply the best practices from the market to different industries.

Maritime technology tailor made

Bakker Sliedrecht provides complete electrical and automation solutions tailored to various players within the shipbuilding business including naval vessels, research vessels and ferries. As a brand independent system integrator, our engineers can connect components of all renowned manufacturers to achieve the optimal result. These comply with all electrical requirements that are applied within the industry. In addition, the requirements and wishes of our clients are seamlessly incorporated into the final installation. Bakker Sliedrecht are also able to customize existing installations to meet the latest technologies. Additionally, adapting existing electrical installations that can be quickly adjusted to any changes in usage or capacity. All projects are always completed within the stipulated time and budget.

Effectiveness, durability and usability guaranteed

Intelligent electrical installations on board ensure the effectiveness, durability and usability. It is therefore important that the installations are up to date and functioning correctly. The developments in maritime technology and electrical installations change rapidly. Bakker Sliedrecht, the shipbuilding partner, are aware of the latest developments and are able to design, realize and maintain existing and new electrical installations with their broad expertise. With conversions and retrofits, our clients are reassured that they can adapt to changing circumstances, this ensures reliable installations throughout the life cycle. By carrying out repair and renovation work with our company, which are an expert in marine engineering, installations can be adapted to latest technologies. The advantage of this being that the cost of ownership is reduced.

Professional, responsible partner in shipbuilding

At Bakker Sliedrecht, the experienced marine technology and electrical partner we have the core values of responsibility, commitment and professionalism. This allows us to give out customers the best care possible so they can continue to focus on their core business. Bakker Sliedrecht has a Dutch base, alongside global locations in Brazil, China, Singapore and Scandinavia. Due to this, the company can always guarantee quick delivery times of spare parts. In addition, service engineers are always on hand. Bakker Sliedrecht is committed to improving our clients business processes in every way, if possible, making them even more efficient than before!

Want to know more about the custom electrical installations for optimal results from Bakker Sliedrecht, the partner in marine engineering and shipbuilding? Contact one of our specialists for more information. You can also request a quote directly aswell, to give you a brief overview of the costs involved.

Introducing the all new Expobar Onyx espressomachine

Expobar Onyx and Onyx Pro

Born from a heritage of excellence in espresso machines and a history of pursuing innovative solutions that push coffee technology further, we are very proud to introduce ONYX – the professional-grade premium espresso machine that defines attainable luxury and lets you express your own personal style. Combining insight from experienced baristas with proven brewing technology and energy-saving software we have created a premium espresso machine that is as smart and reliable as it is elegant and beautiful.

​ONYX successfully captures our past and embodies our path into the future. We believe that ONYX will be the focal point of every coffee bar it is installed in and will be a delight for baristas and draw patrons in for a closer look.

The new expobar Onyx and expobar Onyx Pro are both a development of Expobar’s best-selling model, the G-10. In addition to an eye-catching design, the new Onyx has been built to be used make all kinds of coffees all day long. You can choose from a 2 or 3 set model, but each Onyx has a full electronic switchboard to perfectly regulate coffee dosages, automatic water filling, a 11.5L copper watertank and a heat exchanger and cleaning valve per set.

FEATURES Expobar Onyx Espressomachine (Normal and Pro)

  • Customized Panels: Side and back panels can be customized to suit any need or environment.
  • LED Illumination : LED panels on 3 sides allow for virtually unlimited custom branding opportunities. (Pro models only)
  • Touchscreen UI: Take control with a 2.5″ LCD touchscreen display. (Pro models only)
  • Insulated Multiboilers with PID Control: PID digital temperature control across all groups guarantees accurate heating for every brew. (Pro models only)
  • Soft Preinfusion Heads: Allow coffee to develop its flavour naturally with preinfusion and complete saturation in every dose.
  • Automatic Cleaning: Auto cleaning means the group head and shower always stay clean and ready for the next brew.
  • Group Flushing: Keep each group clean and ready to go between brews with just the push of a button.
  • Soft Touch Portafilters: Comfortable, ergonomic, luxurious while still remaining extremely durable and sturdy.
  • Quick Release Cup Shelves: Cup shelves fold up when not needed, and remove with just the press of a button for cleaning. Pro models only.
  • Straight Anti-suction Steam Wands: Straight-flow wands ensure minimal steam restriction and anti-suction valves plus Teflon coatings keep everything hygienic and easy to clean.

ORDER THE ONYX AND ONYX PRO ONLINE WITH FREE SHIPPING is a dedicated Expobar / Crem International reseller for many years. We always offer the newest Expobar espressomachines online in our webshop. From here, you can order easily the best catering espressomachine with a full year warranty ( 2 years for home use machines ). We accept Paypal, SOFORT banking or money transfer. All catering espressomachine scome with FREE SHIPPING to the U.K. and other EU countries.

You can also visit our webshop and order the newest La Marzocco espressomachines and WEGA coffeemachines and to complete it the best La Marzocco coffeegrinders, Mahlkönig coffeegrinders and Mazzer coffeegrinders.