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From idea to successful case: the best books to learn marketing fundamentals

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The field of digital marketing is changing very quickly, and in order to be on horseback, like the hero of Old-spice advertising, you need to constantly update your knowledge. If the latest trends can only be learned in practice, then professional literature is an ideal option to study the theoretical foundations. If you are a supporter of the traditional approach to learning and are looking for information in books, then this collection is for you.

Finding advantages in the market and creating a unique product

These books will tell you what marketing strategies exist, how to market your product, and how to stand out from the competition.

Yona Berger “Contagious”

How expensive steak gained popularity among more modest counterparts, how anti-drug campaigns sparked an increase in drug use, and why over 200 million viewers have shared a video about the blender – you’ll find answers to these questions and more in this book. Using a scientific approach, research, as well as real-life cases, the author tells where the word of mouth effect comes from, why it is so important in marketing, and how to create the very “infectious” content.

Suitable for: marketing and PR specialists, copywriters, start-up companies and simply those who want their product to be talked about.

Seth Godin “Purple Cow. Make your business stand out! “

If your business were … a cow, what color would it be? Using an interesting metaphor and more than a hundred cases as an example, the authors unfold step-by-step instructions on how to stand out favorably against the background of other products, find and get your target audience and attract the attention of customers in a congested market.

As a bonus, you will find tips on what to look for when creating a product design and how to work out a business plan.

Suitable for: newbies in marketing, startup creators, designers.

Rene Mauborgne, V. Chan Kim “Blue Ocean Strategy. How to find or create a market free of other players “

Blue Oceans are new markets or niches that are free from competitors, and once they have occupied them, they no longer have to lure buyers with a low price or offer a free service: they can regulate prices and offers themselves. Red waters are where there are always a lot of rivals and you have to constantly fight for new customers.

In the book, the authors tell you how to go beyond competition, survive in the “red waters” and seek or create your own “blue oceans”. They also share practical examples and their own innovation strategies.

Suitable for: Beginners and experienced marketers, executives, startup founders and those who launch their own product.

About the basics of content marketing

 Theory plus practice: how to manage content, create beautiful sales copy and find your unique tone of voice.

Rose Robert, Pulizzi Joe Content Marketing Management. A Practical Guide to Building a Loyal Audience for Your Business “

The authors give a general approach to the theory: what are the goals of content marketing, what resources to allocate for it, how to connect with other business processes and evaluate the result.

Suitable for: The book is aimed at those who manage processes, but do not create content themselves: business owners, directors and heads of marketing departments.

For copywriters and those who directly work with selling copy, we recommend another book from Joe Pulizzi: “Epic Content Marketing”.

In it, you will find more practical advice: step by step, the author explains how to create content that breaks through the digital noise, grabs the attention of bored consumers and prompts the audience to take action.

Maxim Ilyakhov, Lyudmila Sarycheva “Write, reduce”

Correct communication is important in everything: from the announcement at the entrance to scientific research. If you regularly write letters to clients or colleagues, advertisements, or write your own blog, then this book is an absolute must-have. It is structured in a textbook format: 10% theory and 90% practice. Through visual examples and simple guidelines, you will learn how to create strong text.

Suitable for: absolutely everyone who works with texts.

Denis Kaplunov “Content, Marketing and Rock ‘n’ Roll”

In a simple and understandable language, the author conveys to the reader the most daring ideas and practical advice on the topic of what content is needed for different purposes, where to get it and how to win the love of Internet users and the trust of potential customers. The author’s recommendations will help you move away from the standard and hackneyed techniques and find your own presentation and tone of voice.

Suitable for: newbies in marketing, copywriters, website or blog owners.

Instagram Marketing: Road to 100k Instagram Followers

This ebook is a comprehensive breakdown of how to go from Instagram novice, to an Instagram Expert or Entrepreneur.

In 3 years, I have won more than 10 million Instagram followers for myself and my clients. I represent clients full-time. They are giants in the industry that runs own companies. The company’s monthly income exceeds $500,000, and by attracting tens of thousands of target followers every day, it actually helps them grow the company through social media. How to increase loyalty to 100,000 followers, how to monetize the following and use your account as a leverage?

Suitable for: absolutely everyone

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