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Coffee Drinks 101: A breakdown of the most popular coffee drinks

Some people out there might be happy to simply brew a cup of coffee and drink it up. Others, however, love to explore the many different possibilities and enjoy their coffee in many ways, shapes and forms. If you are a bit confused by all the definitions and don’t want to be left staring at a coffee shop’s menu not sure about what to order, this article is for you. Read on for the ultimate coffee drink guide and never hesitate in front of your barista again!

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A coffee shot brewed with an espresso machine. Known for its decisive, creamy flavor and strength.


A double espresso shot.


An espresso shot brewed with less water to maximize strength and thickness


This is an espresso shot topped with a dash of foamed milk. This has a stronger taste than a cappuccino, but more texture than a regular espresso. The name of this drink literally means “stained” in Italian, referring to the milk staining the surface of the coffee.


an espresso shot brewed with more water to decrease strength.


Cappuccino is made with espresso, hot milk and a frothy steamed milk foam on top. Unlike a latte, a cappuccino uses less steamed milk and it has a stronger coffee taste. The word “cappuccino” actually means “little hood” in Italian, referring to the actual foam hood covering the coffee drink.

Cafe au lait

A popular French take on a latte. In most countries, this is just a synonym for a latte, but in the USA, Cafe Au Lait generally identifies a strong coffee mixed with scalded milk.

Flat White

Flat White coffee drinks are very popular in New Zealand and Australia, where the beverage originated. Essentially, this is an espresso with coffee and milk in equal proportions, often made with 2 shots of espresso and steamed, non-frothy milk to top it off.


A latte is a drink made with espresso and milk, with a generally higher ratio of milk.


Americano is a single or double espresso shot with hot or iced water. This drink likely originated in Italy during the second world war. American soldiers stationed in the country were not accustomed to drinking straight-up espresso shots, preferring the drip coffee style common in the US at the time.

Italian baristas started adding hot water to espresso shot to mimic the feel of drip coffee. However, the strength of an Americano can be determined by the amount of water poured in the coffee.

Long Black

A Long Black is essentially an Americano, but with a few tweaks to its preparation.

Regular Americano is generally prepared by pouring hot water in espresso. On the other hand, Long Blacks are generally prepared by adding the water first and then pouring the espresso shot on the water. This makes for a foamier top and a creamier consistency. The Long Black is particularly popular in Australia, where a stronger version with less water, known as “Short Black” is often served.


A cortado is a blend of espresso and milk in equal doses. This allows for a thicker drink and reduces the acid taste of coffee. This drink is not normally enjoyed with a foamy froth (like a cappuccino) and it is very popular throughout Spain, Portugal, and Latin American countries.

Dirty Chai

A “dirty chai” is essentially a chai latte with one or two espresso shot in it. This drink is known for its complex flavor palette, often very sweet and spicy.