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An electric boiler and solar panels. The perfect match

Solar collectors and an electric boiler

Are you the proud owner of solar collectors? Or are about to be? Then replace a gas-fired cv boiler and switch to an electric central heating boiler to heat your home. This will help reduce your energy bill and have significantly less impact on the environment. Check the electric boiler product range online

Make the most of electricity by purchasing an electric boiler if you dont have gas available to you. Its small dimensions and easy installation make it fit just about anywhere. No yearly servicing required and there is zero chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Benefits of having an electric boiler

• No yearly maintenance cost;

• Extremely low-maintenance;

• Efficiency of 99.5%;

• Adjustable to 3 settings: 100, 66 and 33%;

• No chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Zero emmission;

• No flue gas duct required; • Small sized unit;

• Easy to fit and install;

• Solar collectors combined with an electric boiler is the perfect match;

Supply your central heating with an electric boiler

The electric system boiler does not supply hot water. It is only suitable to provide energy for a central heating system. For hot water you will need to install a storage water heater.

Seek advice from an electrician before you buy

Make an appointment with your electrician to find out if you need to alter your circuit board. The 6kW and 4kW units require single phase current to operate. The larger units require a three-phase power. Here’s what unit you roughly require according to the manufacturing based on a room of 2.40 metres high.

Output:    Surface:

4kW          50m2

6kW          70m2

9kW          110m2

12kW        150m2

18kW        220m2

24kW        300m2

We have been succesfully selling Elterm electric boilers for well over 3 years. Elterm has been commisioned to supply several prestigious large projects in Macau, Qatar and Dubai.   Please consult our web page to find out more about electric boilers.